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Custom Made Blinds Alhambra

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Custom window treatments for any Alhambra property, plus outdoor shades, canopies, and awnings. Get a free estimate on any shading solution!

Custom Made Blinds Alhambra

For decoration or functionality, blinds and window shades can contribute a lot to your Alhambra house, apartment, or commercial space. Window treatments serve to block sunlight or filter it to create a soft and pleasant ambiance. That way, you don’t have to suffer from harsh glare and harmful UV rays, but can still utilize natural lighting and save money on electricity. Of course, blinds as well as curtains and draperies also add a lot to the interior décor of the rooms. You can choose elaborate designs like Roman shades or blackout curtains, or go with something simple and subtle like Venetian blinds or plain, roller shades. Any of the many options we offer comes custom made. This ensures perfect matches for blinds or shades for windows, glass patio doors, skylights, or other spaces. The easiest place to start is with a free estimate.

Roman Shades – Classic & Elegant

For those who favor the look of draperies, Roman shades give you that curtain-like appearance with the functionality of shades. There’s a great variety of styles for Roman shades you can pick, each with distinct aesthetics. Fishtail Roman window covers or ones with hobbled or relaxed designs can add a great deal of décor to the room. Roman window shades have a way of increasing the interior design aesthetic, but they also block or filter sunlight. Depending on the fabric, your custom Roman shades can have sheer or blackout results. For Alhambra living rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms, anywhere you want excellent décor, Roman shades will provide it.

Thermal Efficiency With Cellular Shades

Apart from the beauty and functional sunlight control we talked about, window coverings can also offer you other features. Take cellular shades for example. These honeycomb type window shades provide all the aforementioned benefits, as well as energy efficiency. Cellular shades capture hot air and reduce heat transfer levels quite significantly. You can have the window open with the cellular shades covering it, and you will still maintain a pleasant indoor temperature regardless of the temperature outside. Triple cellular shades offer a lot of insulation, but you can also go with double or single layer cellular coverings. Your Alhambra bedroom, bathroom, or other areas where you want the best insulation can benefit a lot from cellular window shades.

Motorized Roller Shades For Windows or Outdoors

The simplest way to cover windows big or small is with roller shades. Now add a little touch of innovation, and you’ve got sophisticated window coverings with remote controls you can control from anywhere. Motorized roller shades can offer you Wi-Fi or Bluetooth remote control features using Somfy blinds controls or Lutron options. The design range of motorized roller shades allows for just as much versatility as with regular manual versions. Only, now with motorized roller shades, you have a lot more convenience. Motorized roller shades for outdoors let you enjoy this form of shading solution in your patio or deck. Choose a canopy design you like and combine it with blinds motorization features that provide the most convenience.

Alhambra Motorized Blinds Installers Near you

With our local team of experts, you can get any type of blinds or shades, motorized or in manual versions, custom made for your property. From elaborate Roman shades and cellular window covers to blackout blinds with remote controls and even curtains and drapes. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen. Start looking at options by scheduling a free consultation today! 

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Cheap Window Treatments

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Beautiful Shutter Designs

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No-obligation Consultations For Free

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