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Special offers for any home or office in or near Santa Clarita! From electric rolling shutters to plantation-style treatments, our excellent selection offers customers from all over custom made blinds, shutters, and shades all manufactured in the US!

Window Shutters Santa Clarita

Treatments for windows provide more than just décor and privacy. Controlling the amount of sunlight that gets inside nets you all sorts of benefits, including easier temperature control and protection for wallpaper and furniture. So what sort of window treatments should you choose for your Santa Clarita area home or business? Well, that all depends on the type of blinds or window shutters you’re interested in. We build custom window covers made-to-measure, which means we ensure they fit over the window perfectly and don’t leave gaps for sunlight to leak through.

Plantation Shutters For Windows

Famous for their classic sense of elegance, plantation-style window treatments offer a great way to improve décor. While classic plantation shutters consist of wood, we also offer faux wood window treatments in the plantation style, for a cheaper, low maintenance substitute. If you live or work near Santa Clarita and you want a free estimate on white plantation shutters or the same treatments in any other color, we’d love to help.  You can have an expert sit down with you to provide a no-obligation consultation and go over every aspect and feature of our custom plantation shutter options. From different designs to a spectrum of colors, you can easily find something great for your needs.

Electric Rolling Window Shutters

Whether via a wall switch, a remote control handset, or your phone/tablet, motorized window shutters make for a super-easy way to control sunlight. The added benefit of their thicker and stronger build is improved thermal insulation and privacy. You can block out sunlight with motorized electric rolling window shutters and improve your home’s security and privacy too in the process. For Santa Clarita residents and commercial business owners, choosing rolling shutters for their windows provides all sorts of improvements. Interested in learning more? Remember that you can arrange a free quote at any time.

Best Exterior Shutters For Santa Clarita Customers

Most window treatments get installed on the inside, attaching over the windowpane to cover the frame and opening. But not so with exterior window shutters. These can improve insulation via the fact that they fit over the exterior part of the window. Made from faux wood and they can also grant the home a sense of classic style, without suffering from high maintenance needs. Many people choose window shutters for their windows and even for skylights for those reasons as well as others.

Custom Shutters and Blinds

Our manufacturing process for custom window treatments begins with taking measurements. Whether you’re looking to get new window shutters installed in your Santa Clarita home or you want curtains, shades, or blinds, we need to first check the dimensions of the windows. After measuring, our representative sits down with you to provide a thorough consultation (free of charge). This includes going over different design templates, motorized window shutters and blinds features (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc), as well as material options. Once you’ve finished picking and choosing, we provide you with a free quote for the product and installation. That way, you get all the information you need to decide why ordering custom window shutters or blinds from us is the right decision!

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